About ‘a two planet species’.

We are a group of Design Engineering students at Imperial College London exploring the design futures arising from the colonisation of Mars. We are exploring concepts in the fields of manufacturing, materials and culture.

Who We Are.

Our team consists of Luke Hillery, Higor Alves de Freitas, Bettina Sosa, David Prior Hope and Max Hunt. Together, our interests span from additive manufacture and sustainability to bioengineering and fashion design. We are supported by Dr Stephen Green and Elena Dieckmann.

Our Supporters.

We are developing a partnership with The Design Museum to produce work for a joint Symposium in February 2020. This will include exhibit-able work and keynote talks to members of the public.

Our Vision.

We want to explore the possibilities of a circular clothing industry on Mars, considering materials, manufacturing techniques, availability of natural resources and changes in culture.

Our Core Values.

We want to design sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions to future problems in the clothing industry, in the hope that some may have a real impact in the not-to-distant future here on Earth.